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My experience, methods, materials and goals with respect to teaching are summarized in my Teaching Dossier. This document is password protected, please contact me for access.

As a Primary Instructor I have taught:

PHL221 – Philosophy at the Movies, University of Toronto (U of T)

PHL243 – Philosophy of Human Sexuality, U of T

As a Teaching Assistant I have led tutorials and graded for the following courses:

PHL 271 – Law and Morality, U of T

PHL206 – Later Medieval Philosophy, U of T

PHL 205- Early Medieval Philosophy, U of T

PHL 240 – Persons, Minds, Bodies, U of T

PHL 210 – Early Modern Philosophy, U of T

PHL XX1 – Critical Thinking, Simon Fraser University

PHL 110 – Introduction to Symbolic Logic, SFU

PHL 100 – Knowledge and Reality, SFU

As a Grader I have marked assignments for the following courses:

PHL 384 – Ethics, Genetics and Reprodcution, U of T

PHL 383 – Ethics and Mental Health, U of T

PHL 367 – Feminist Philosophy, U of T

Teaching Support Roles:

English Language Learner Lead Teaching Assistant, U of T

Philosophy Essay Clinic, U of T

Professional Development:

Mentoring The Mentors Workshop, American Philosophical Association (online)

Course Instructor Training Camp, Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation, U of T

THE 500 – Teaching in Higher Education, Woodsworth College, U of T

Advanced University Teaching Certificate, Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation, U of T

Self Portrait of Anna Maria Van Schurmann