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My name is Michaela and I am a (professional) philosopher.

Currently, I am an Extending New Narratives Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

I received my Ph.D. (2023) from the Philosophy Department at the University of Toronto in Canada. You can read my dissertation abstract by clicking here.

My philosophical interests centre around the early modern period with a focus on questions about mind, cognition, and their connection with topics in moral/social philosophy. I also have interests in feminist philosophy, philosophy of art, and the philosophies of mind and language.

Previously, with the support of the Mellon Foundation, I was a student in UCLA’s Post-Baccalaureate program in Post-Classical Latin (2016). I earned an M.A. at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, 2015) and a B.A. Hons. in Philosophy from Concordia University (Montreal, 2012) with minors in Film Studies, and Classical Languages and Literature (Latin). 

I was the 2018 recipient of the Jan Wojcik Memorial Prize for graduate students in history of philosophy in connection with my research about Mary Astell (1666-1731).

I am also a founding member of Friends of Mary Astell, an international network for scholars working on Astell’s philosophy. You can read a blog post I wrote about Astell for Project Vox by clicking  here.

Outside philosophy, I am a cinephile, an avid collector of vintage, and, prior to the pandemic, I skated with Toronto Roller Derby. My stalwart companion is a rottweiller mix named Daisy.

Contact: Michaela[dot]manson[at]monash[dot]edu